GReddy GPP Pre-Flight 2 Keychain (Blue, Black or Red) - New!


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Style name: GReddy GPP Pre-Flight 2 Key-chain 3x Color-ways available 

20001200 - Blue   (Forward 3 stripe GReddy / TRUST logos)
20001201 - Black
 (Underline 3 stripe GReddy / Total Tune-Up logos)
20001202 - Red     
(GReddy / Japanese katakana GReddy logos)

Or Buy all three for a discounted price.

Description:  GReddy embroidered GReddy logo front and unique design  back.  Standard 29mm (1 3/16") key-ring.

Fun "Remove before Flight" style cloth Key-chain tag. 

Tag Size:  5" x 1 1/16" (new smaller size)