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Style name: GReddy Face Mask, Black
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◆ Popular Mask Style in Japan
◆ Polyester and polyurethane materials with excellent
      elasticity and breathability.
◆ Can be hand washed and re-used repeatedly.
◆ Simple design can be used anywhere. 

Product Specifications
・ 1 piece [Approx. Dims : 134mm (5.25") x 168mm (6.6")]
-Mask body (right side / left side): Plain / GReddy logo
-This product is a non-medical grade mask.
・ Should you have an abnormality on your skin or should you observe any abnormalities, discontinue use.
・ It is recommended to store in an environment away from direct sunlight.
・ Effects against viruses, fungi, pollen, etc. cannot be guaranteed.
-Cannot be used for the purpose of preventing harmful dust and gas.
・ Do not use for any purpose other than the intended purpose.
・ Please note that product specifications, designs, information, etc. may be changed or sales may end without notice.