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Coated in the USA, this thin-film surface coating protects with a tough durable black finish.  It offers a distinct high-end look and feel to our GReddy Type FV BOV.  The performance ceramic coating offers unmatched corrosion and chemical resistance, as well as improved temperature protection. 

The GReddy BOV Type FV is a new generation of blow off valve.  The unique "Floating Valve" design incorporates a revised adjustable dual spring system, while maintaining the advantages of the previous models' push valve structure and silicone diaphragm control.  The improved design makes spring pre-load setting less dependent on the idle, while providing better response, increased valve travel, more air-flow and added resistance to premature valve lift under all conditions.  Also maintained is a slimmer CNC outlet with discharge ports to draws surrounding air to amplify the blow-off sound, however this can be replaced with optional re-circulation adapters in various sizes.  The BOV FV adopts the same mounting and outlet size and position as previous GReddy RZ and RS models, so retro-fiting onto existing applications is possible. All GReddy BOVs are compatible with standard GReddy Blow-off Valve flanges.


GReddy Blow Off Valve Type-FV (ideal for 100-430hp range)

Make: Universal
Size: 40mm
Includes: BOV, Gasket, Nuts & Bolts, Vacuum nipple, hose

 * Use with GReddy Blow-Off Valve flange  p/n 11900451

GReddy BOV Outlet adapters for the FV:
  19mm / 29mm / 32mm /34mm

Replacement Parts for Type FV, RZ, RS, S (Here)

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