GReddy LS Spec Intercooler Type 31 - Universal

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Universal Type-31(smaller) LS spec intercooler core with 60mm endtanks (brushed)
3 threaded mounting bungs (1x top, 2x bottom) for universal turbocharged applications.
LS spec - Aero-Tube and inner-Fin, Air to Air Intercooler core. (*non-CCP polished tubes)

GReddy Spec LS core, with it’s smooth shaped tube and fin design, a weight savings is achieved, while still maintaining an economical price. Although offered in very limited sizes and applications, the Spec LS still provides an excellent arrangement that has performance, which lies between the free flowing Spec. V and the extreme cooling potential of the Spec. R cores.  With reliable, heavy-duty GReddy endtanks, the Spec LS is ideal for increasing boost in moderately modified applications.

Core Size: Type 31 core dim: H186mm / L600mm / W66mm

Make: Universal Applications
Model: Turbocharged Applications
Years: Any