BCNR33 Skyline GT-R GReddy Aluminum radiator TW-R

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JDM-spec. GReddy Aluminum radiator TW-R  WGNC34/ECR33/BCNR33/ER34

P/N Chassis Vehicle  Rad. Thickness
BCNR33  Nissan Skyline GT-R 50mm
 Nissan Skyline GT-R
 Nissan Skyline GT-R


Product features:

By making the core thickness thicker than the normal radiator, the capacity of the cooling water is greatly secured.
Achieves improved cooling efficiency and reduced pressure loss. In addition, it is made of all-aluminum, reducing the increase in weight.
(Core thickness: 50 mm)

* Includes 1.3K GReddy Radiator Cap
* Shroud mountable (WGNC34/ECR33/ER34)
* Shroud can be installed. Machining required (BCNR33)
* Cannot be installed with radiator pipe (ECR33/BCNR33/ER34)
* Cannot install air cleaner duct (ECR33/BCNR33/ER34)

[Compatible models] JDM Nissan Stagea/Skyline/GT-R
Vehicle type: WGNC34/ECR33/BCNR33/ER34
E/G model: RB25DET/RB26DETT
Year: 96.09 ~ 01.10/ 93.08 ~ 98.05/98.05 ~ 01.08/95.01 ~ 99.01
Remarks: AT vehicles not allowed

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JDM GReddy Aluminum radiator TW-R

Sports radiator with 2-layer wide tube core made of all aluminum

  • By adopting a 2-layer wide tube, a capacity equivalent to many simlar 3-layer structures.

  • Achieves more than double the cooling water capacity of the genuine product with reduces pressure loss.

  • In addition, by adopting all aluminum products, it reduces the weight increase and supports from street to circuit.

All models utilize our TYPE-S size radiator cap.  Some applications will also include our high pressure GReddy Radiator Cap with a valve opening pressure of 127 kPa (1.3 kg/cm2).

Made of polished aluminum 

The use of aluminum improves strength and corrosion resistance. The the end-tanks are polished to dress up the engine bay.