GReddy -16 AN Swivel Hose End(s) - Black / Gold anodized

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Select AN Hose-End Shape: 12801645 - 45deg. Hose-End AN16

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Crafted from billet 6061 aluminum and featuring dual Viton O-rings and a one-way locking pin, these GReddy -16 AN Swivel Hose Ends offer unparalleled durability and performance. Our quick and easy hose building, making these fittings a top choice in the market. Each hose-end comes with a matching plastic AN plug for convenient line servicing. 

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 12801600 - GReddy Straight Hose-End AN16 - Black/Gold anodized (1x)
 12801630 - GReddy  30deg. Swivel Hose-End AN16 - Black/Gold anodized (1x)
 12801645 - GReddy  45deg. Swivel Hose-End AN16- Black/Gold anodized (1x)
 12801660 - GReddy  60deg. Swivel Hose-End AN16 - Black/Gold anodized (1x)
 12801690 - GReddy  90deg. Swivel Hose-End AN16- Black/Gold anodized (1x)
 12801612 - GReddy 120deg. Swivel Hose-End AN16 - Black/Gold anodized (1x)
 12801615 - GReddy 150deg. Swivel Hose-End AN16 - Black/Gold anodized (1x)
 12801618 - GReddy 180deg. Swivel Hose-End AN16 - Black/Gold anodized (1x)

* Also available in various AN sizes...

Greddy fittings are machined from a single billet of 6061 aluminum, free of unsightly welds and brazing joints that are prone to failure. All fittings have a swivel feature for easy alignment and clocking of fittings once assembled.

These swivel fittings are double sealed by DuPont Viton@ (FKM) O-rings to prevent leaks and provide reliable operation for years in service. DuPont Viton® gaskets are crafted from high-performance fluoroelastomers, offering exceptional heat resistance. These rubber gaskets typically endure temperatures ranging from 15° F to 400° F and are suitable for applications with intermittent peaks up to 500° F. Viton® gaskets exhibit superior resistance to: Oils, Alkalis, Concentrated bases, most mineral acids, abrasion and tears. 

Crucially, Viton® gaskets maintain robust resistance to compression set, like found in jointed swivel fittings, even under elevated temperatures for extended durations. Do not use brake fluid with hose end fittings or adapters containing FKM seals, these materials are incompatible and will rapidly degrade, only use EPDM sealed fittings with brake fluid.

Easy hose assembly is aided by a left handed thread on the hose nut, allowing users to easily screw the nut down the end of the hose and perfectly set the parts in position before winding the hose end fitting into the hose and nut assembly to create a reliable, long lasting seal.

Lightweight swivel nuts are fitted to all fittings to shave off a little more bulk, and give a premium look to every part.