GReddy Oil Pan Baffle Plate - FA24 Type - for GR86 / BRZ (ZN8/ZD8)

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Engine:  FA24

Aluminum baffle plate with a shark duct that balances engine oil to prevent oil pick up problems.
Smooth oil directing to oil pick up. Increase stability for oil pressure.
Ideal for high G-loads. Both cornering and acel / decel situations.

●The FA20/FA24 engine has a structure in which a large amount of engine oil accumulated in the oil pan flows into the front chain cover due to intense braking G when driving on a circuit. The oil pressure will drop, and in the worst case, the engine may blow.

●The GReddy oil pan baffle plate prevents the engine oil from becoming uneven during acceleration/deceleration and cornering. Designed to go back.

compatible for N/A or GReddy turbo applications.

Aluminum - anodized blue, with GReddy logo.