GReddy x TRS FIA Certified 4P Racing Harness - Black

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Color: 16601013-R TRUST GReddy x TRS Shoulder Racing Harness (RIGHT Side Seat specific)


16601013-R  TRUST GReddy x TRS Shoulder Racing Harness  (Right Side Seat specific)
16601023-L  TRUST GReddy x TRS Shoulder Racing Harness  (Left Side Seat specific)

[Product Features]
A high-performance racing harness is realized through collaboration between GReddy and TRS.
We designed an original collaboration tag based on TRS's Magnum Ultralite.
It is the lightest model and is FIA certified so it can be used in domestic competitions.

Racing harness
, 4-piece 3-inch harness (left and right available)
, 8 colors
, adjustable buckle (lightweight forged aluminum material)
, quick release buckle
, 4 eye bolts included.
*About right-hand (RH) and left-hand (LH)
 When installing RH on the right side of the vehicle and LH on the left side of the vehicle, the quick release buckle will be on the center console side.