JDM GReddy Padded Fender/Bumper Covers (Sm. or Med.) - Online Store Exclusive - NEW!


Regular price $95.00

  18001718 - Small Fender Cover - ONLINE STORE EXCLUSIVE
  18001719 - Medium Fender Cover - ONLINE STORE EXCLUSIVE

Silver/Black JDM GReddy Padded Fender/Bumper Covers 

Small size
P/N: 18001718
Dimensions: 17.7" x 25.6"  (450mm × 650mm)

Medium size
P/N: 18001719
Dimensions:  17.7" x 35.4"  (450mm × 900mm)

Another must for the true TRUST/GReddy fan.  This JDM easy to use padded fender/bumper cover(s) stay in place with the integrated magnets.  Work on your vehicle's engine bay without worry of minor damages to the bumper or fenders with these covers in place.

Japanese Homepage: www.trust-power.com
USA Homepage: www.greddy.com

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