GReddy GPP Collectors Pin(s)

$10.00 $12.50


  * GReddy Logo  Metal Pin 
  * GPP 962 LM  Metal Pin 
  * GPP S30 Z GTA  Metal Pin 
  * GPP FC RX7 RBP  Metal Pin 
  * GPP EF Civic STH  Metal Pin

or Full 5 Pin GPP Set

Inspired by these iconic vehicles and images: 

   * Modern GReddy Logo 
   * TRUST Racing Porsche 962 Group C racer
   * Sung Kang's Grand Turismo Award Winning S30 Fugu Z 
   * Mr. Miura's Super Street Ultimate award winning Pandem FC RX7
   * GPP President & Enthusiast, Kenji Sumino's Super Treasure Hunt EF Civic 


Metal collector's pin with double pin and clip.

Great for accessories such as hats and backpacks, bags.