TRUST PE-TR Cat-back Exhaust Systems & Accessories - In-stock! (Free Shipping Offer)


Limited Edition TRUST/GReddy JDM-spec TRUST PE-TR
(JZA80, R32, R33, R34, FD3S)
VAB -2015-21 WRX/STI

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2015-21 Subaru WRX/STI - 10167310 -NEW
   Chassis: VAB
   Engine: FA / EJ (Turbo)
   Type: Cat-back system
   Number of pieces: 2pcs
   Piping: 70mm (2.76")
   Tip(s): 115mm (4.5") x L-130mm - TRUST sliding tip (40mm range)
   Gasket(s): 70mm oval (qty: 2 included) 
   Resonator: resonating-volume canister

1993-98 Toyota Supra (Turbo) - 10117310
   Chassis: JZA80
   Engine: 2JZ-GTE (Turbo)
   Type: Cat-back system
   Number of pieces: 2pcs
   Piping: 80mm (3.14")
   Tip(s): 115mm (4.5") x L-130mm - TRUST sliding tip (40mm range)
   Gasket(s): 80mm oval (qty: 2 included) 
   Resonator: resonating-volume canister
    Notes:   special mounting brackets included

1989-94 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) 10127310
1995-98 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33)
1999-02 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) - 10127312
BNR32, BCNR33, BNR34
   Engine: RB26DETT
   Type: Cat-back system
   Number of pieces: 2pcs
   Piping: 80mm (3.14") diameter
   Tip(s): 115mm (4.5") x L-130mm TRUST sliding tip (40mm range)
   Gasket(s): 80mm oval (qty: 2 included)
   Resonator: resonating-volume canister
    Notes:  3 applications, one for each chassis model

1993-02 Mazda RX-7
(FD) - 10147310 
   Chassis: FD3S
   Engine: 13B-REW
   Type: Cat-back system
   Number of pieces: 1pc
   Piping: 80mm (3.14")
   Tip(s): 115mm (4.5") x L-130mm TRUST sliding tip (40mm range)
   Gasket(s): 80mm oval (qty: 1 included)
   Resonator: resonating-volume canister

* Optional Tip Silencer and Titanium Tips (sold separately)  


Initially designed for Japanese domestic market, our premium TRUST PE-TR (Power Extreme –TR) cat-back exhaust is now available state-side, via, for some of the most iconic JDM vehicles. This exhaust line carefully balances large diameter, straight-through exhaust flow with a carefully tuned, resonating-volume canister (Helmholtz resonator) to help refine sound and remove unwanted sound (drone) frequencies . The result is an outstanding complement to the pure sound of your high-powered Japanese turbo engine, with an exquisite appearance to match. The large diameter SUS 304 stainless-steel, mandrel-bent piping, tuned resonator and straight-though muffler are all tig-welded to perfection. Each system is made in Japan, by highly trained craftsmen with only the finest materials. Finishing off the exhaust is our unique rolled SUS 304, TRUST tip with an adjustment length of 40mm. Also available are optional Titanium TRUST PE-TR Tips with burnt-Ti finish and inner tip silencer for even more sound suppression.