Honda (FK8) Civic Type R Full 3" Forward Mid-pipe & Front Over-pipe Upgrade

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Item(s): Full 3" Forward Mid-pipe and Front Over-pipe Combo - 10558602


Chassis:  FK8 Honda Civic Type-R
Engine:  K20C1  Turbo

Full 3" Forward Mid-pipe Upgrade 
To further improve the the flow and performance of your GReddy (FK8) cat-back exhaust for the Civic Type R, we have released this optional full 3" (non-tapered) forward midpipe, that will replace the orginal Supreme SP (& HG) forward midpipe. The slight taper in the standard Supreme SP forward midpipe (is designed to mate upto the factory overpipe flange and) more than adequate for use with the Civic Type R factory catalytic conveter and factory front overpipe, but when upgrading these units, you may aslo want to maximize the flow with a full 3" (76mm) stainless steel forward midpipe upgrade. Specially designed flanges and gaskets allow for a perfect match to our emissions friendly (cat-back) 3' Front Overpipe(p/n 10558600 sold separately).  

Type:   Replacement forward midpipe replacment for Civic Type R Supreme SP p/n 10158214 (& HG p/n 10158215)

Notes: This upgrade should be compatible with many other popular aftermarket 3" down-pipe and over-pipe combos.  (also compatible with the GPP 3' Front Over-pipe p/n 10558600)

Number of pieces: 1
Piping:   76 mm (3 ")
Gasket(s):    3 " spl. 3-bolt (qty: 1 included) replacement + 3 bolts and nuts

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Full 3" Front Over-pipe Option
Maximize the flow of our your 3" (FK8) Civic Type R cat-back exhaust with the simple installation of our optional 3" (76mm) Front Overpipe with flex pipe.   This full 3" (76mm), emisions-friendly, cat-back, stainless-steel, front overpipe for (FK8) Civic Type R, installs with common sized, high quality laser cut 3-bolt flanges, inbetween the factory downpipe (or aftermarket equivalent) and GReddy Supreme SP ( & HG) exhaust with Full 3" Forward Midpipe
p/n 10558601 (or many poplular aftermarket 3" exhaust systems) 

Type:   Replacement front overpipe for Civic Type R 

Notes: Installs inbetween factory downpipe/catalytic converter (or aftermarket equivalent) and popular 3" exhausts with common 3" 3-bolt flange.     Supreme SP & HG must also use our replacement Full 3" Forward Midpipe upgrade (p/n 10558601)

Number of pieces: 1
Piping:   76 mm (3 ")
Gasket(s):    3" 3-bolt and spl. OE-style 3-bolt (qty: 1 each included) replacement + 3 nuts and bolts
Flex Joint:   yes