Universal RS-Ti Round Titanium Muffler(s) and Tip with V-Band

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Select Muffler Inlet Size:: 11002525 - 2.5" Universal RS-Ti Round Muffler with removable 105mm Tip

Select Muffler Inlet Size:

Universal RS-Ti Oval Muffler with removable Tip:

  11002525 - 2.5" (63.5mm) inlet / 160xL300 round muffler / 105xL120mm tip
  11002530 - 3.0" (76mm) inlet / 160xL300 round muffler / 115xL120mm tip

No Titanium Welding Necessary! 

GPP Universal RS-Ti Titanium Muffler and Tip sets create new lightweight options for creating your own custom full Ti or hybrid Ti/steel exhaust system. In addition to the Titanium RS Muffler canister and tip, each kit includes a stainless-steel muffler mounting-band (to weld on mounting hangers), pre-welded titanium inlet pipe and V-band flange, as well as a matching stainless-steel V-band flange and clamp (to adapt the kit to steel piping.) The kits are available in a 3.0” (76mm) and 2.5” (63.5mm) piping sizes. Our signature high quality, straight-through, universal RS racing sport muffler design offers exceptional flow with a clean, yet aggressive exhaust note. And with the RS Tri-bolt removable Tip, optional RS inner tip silencers and tips can be purchased separately for even more customization.

With the included pre-welded Titanium V-band flange and additional stainless-steel flange and stainless steel muffler canister mounting bracket, you do not have to be able to weld Titanium to have a custom Titanium muffler, exhaust system.  Just weld onto the provided flange and canister mounting bracket.

* Can be adapted to work with (Stainless-steel, Steel or Titanium) piping

2.5" Dia. Universal Titanium Muffler and Tip set

Muffler Type: 140mm Round RS Titanium
Type: Straight-through
Inlet / Outlet : 63.5mm (2.5") V-band flange
Dia.: 140mm (5.5")
Length: 300mm (11.8")
Surface: brunt-Titanium brushed finish, with GPP badge

Tip Type: Removable Single-wall Titanium with RSTi Logo with Tri-bolt mounting
Dia.: 105mm (4.1")
Length: 120mm (4.7")
Surface: brunt-Titanium brushed finish, with laser-etched GPP logo

3.0" Dia. Universal Titanium Muffler and Tip set

Muffler Type: 160mm Round RS Titanium
Type: Straight-through
Inlet / Outlet : 76mm (3") V-band flange
Dia.: 160mm (6.3")
Length: 300mm (11.8")
Surface: brunt-Titanium brushed finish, with GPP badge 

Tip Type: Removable Single-wall Titanium with RS-Ti Logo with Tri-bolt mounting
Dia.: 115mm (4.5")
Length: 120mm (4.7")
brunt-Titanium brushed finish, with laser-etched RS-Ti logo

Piping Extension: L38mm (1.5")
  + Piping at the back of the muffler, with a pre-welded matching V-band Titanium flange

Additional Mounting Hardware included:
  + additional un-welded stainless-steel 3.0" V-band flange (to adapt to steel or stainless steel piping)
  + one stainless steel V-band flange
  + a stainless-steel muffler canister mounting band. (to weld on steel or stainless steel muffler mounting hangers)

  requires steel welding (and cutting) for mounting and attaching piping

** Compatible with optional Revolution RS Tips and Silencers
    (3.0" use 115mm accessories / 2.5" use 105mm accessories)