GReddy GR86/BRZ Water-cooled Oil Cooler Kit - ZN8/ZD8

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12015700 - GReddy Water Cooled Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit ZN8/ZD8

Toyota GR86 / Subaru BRZ
Vehicle model: ZN8 / ZD8
Engine model:
FA24 Year : 2021.10~ / 2021.8~


Product features

●The water-cooled oil cooler that is standard on the GR86/BRZ is a system that suppresses increases in oil temperature by circulating coolant to the water line inside the oil block. The GReddy water-cooled oil cooler upgrade kit is a product that further increases the heat exchange efficiency of the genuine water-cooled oil cooler by cooling the coolant with a dedicated small cooler core installed in front of the oil block.
●Although it is designed for street use, it has been commercialized after repeated tests on circuits.
This item is recommended for those who are concerned about the rise in oil temperature during sports driving on the street or winding roads.
●When running continuous laps or drifting, please install the air-cooled "GReddy Oil Cooler Kit Standard ZN8/ZD8 10-stage Circuit Spec (CODE: 12014641)".The cooler core is newly designed and made of aluminum, which is lightweight and has excellent heat dissipation performance.


The position of the core has been carefully considered to avoid affecting the radiator and air conditioner condenser. (Core position: in front of radiator)The hose is made of a rubber hose with excellent durability and flexibility, ensuring durability equivalent to the genuine product. (Hose: Rubber hose compatible with cooling water)Installing this product stabilizes the oil temperature, prevents rapid deterioration of the engine oil itself, maintains lubrication and cleaning effects, and extends the life of the engine.Easy to install and remove (return to original) as it is installed between the genuine water lines.*Additional cooling water is required separately. (approx. 1L)Reference work time: 1 hour + air bleeding work (including bumper removal and removal)

Product composition

・Core body (L180 x H128 x W26)
・Rubber hose (approx. 2000mm)
・Special stay
・Set of short parts