GReddy Performance Products Civic Type R Transmission Cooler Kit - FK8

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12058050 - 2017-2019 FK8 Civic Type R
 - FK9 Manual Transmission Cooler Kit (10row)

The GReddy Performance Products Civic Type R Trans. Oil Cooler Kit was designed to help prolong the life of the transmission oil and in turn the internal transmission components. The bolt-on kit includes our high efficiency 10row oil cooler, which mounts in the (LHD) front driver-side front corner. The bolt-on kit includes all the necessary mounting hardware, fittings, hoses, brackets and an air diversion panel to increase air flow. There are two options for installation: Opt.A for colder climates and quicker warm-up. This set-up installs in tandem with the factory OEM engine coolant heat exchanger. Opt.B will have slower transmission oil warm up, but will offer maximum cooling efficiency by bypassing the OEM coolant heat exchanger. This also eliminates having to tax the FK8 engine cooling system. Both types of installations were tested to significantly decrease transmission oil temperatures. 


* Ideal to be used with GReddy modified Civic Type R (FK8) Front Driver Side Mesh p/n 17550110

**Will fit 2020 also, but the included air diversion panel is not compatible with 2020 model Type R



Transmission Cooler mounts where the previous 12058002 10row GPP Oil Cooler mounted.  When using this 12058050 Trans Cooler Kit, please use GPP 12058003 High-capacity Oil Cooler kit, that mounts in the center grill area, above the intercooler.  

Also compaiable with GPP 12058101 or 12058103 Front Mounted Intercooler Upgrade Kits and GPP 14258003 - FK8 Competition-Only Front Bumper Bar and GReddy modified Civic Type R (FK8) Front Driver Side Mesh p/n 17550110