GReddy Extreme Timing Belt(s) - application specific

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Select belt for engine application: 13514501 - Toyota 1JZ-G(T)E

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Utilizing innovative techniques, GReddy Extreme Timing Belts are crafted with specialized tooth construction that prevents stress at the cross points, ensuring a proper fit for every engine type. Made from high saturation H-NBR, the rubber ribs resist deformation and absorb stress to maintain precise valve timing over extended periods. Enhanced with increased heat-resistance, flexibility, and durability, these belts minimize the risk of heat-induced cracking, inconsistent timing, and skipping or snapping. With improved materials and construction, they offer unparalleled reliability and longevity.

GReddy Extreme Timing Belt Applications: 

13514501 - Toyota 1JZ-G(T)E 
  Main Belt: TY-137Y25
  Make(s): JZS171, JZS173, JZX110, JZX115, JZX100, JZX105, JZX110, JZX115, JZX81, JZX90, JZX93, JZX91, JCG10, JCG11, JCG15, JZZ30, JZA70
  with Engine(s): 1JZ-GT / 1JZ-GTE

13514502 - Toyota 2JZ-G(T)E 
  Main Belt: TY-143Y25
  Make(s): Toyota Supra  Lexus SC300, GS300, IS300  /  JZS147, JZS160, JZS161, JZS179, JZX101, JZX91, JCG11, JZZ31, JZA80
  with Engine(s): 2JZ-GT / 2JZ-GTE

13514509 - Toyota 4U-GSE / Subaru FA20
  * Main V-Belt (accessories belt) : 6PK2075

  Make(s): Scion FRS, Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ  /  ZN6, ZC6
  with Engine(s):  4U-GSE / FA20

13524500 - Nissan RB26DETT / RB25DET / RB20DET / RB20DE
  Main Belt: NS-141YS25 
  Make(s): Nissan Skyline GT-R  /  BNR32, BCNR33, BNR34, HC33, HC34, HC35, WC34, WGC34, WGNC34, WHC34, ECR32, ER32, ECR33, ER33, ENR33, ER34, HCR32, HNR32, HR31, WHJR31, HR32, HCR32, HR34, HY31, HYR31
  with Engine(s):  RB26DETT / RB25DET / RB20DET / RB20DE

13524502 - Nissan CA18DET
  Main Belt:   NS-151YS19
  Make(s):  Nissan Silvia  /  S13
  with Engine(s): CA18DET

13534500 - Mitsubishi 4G63
  Main Belt:   MT-153RU29
  Make(s):  Lancer Evolution IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX  /  CN9A, CP9A, CT9A
  with Engine(s): 4G63 DOHC TURBO

13534501 - Mitsubishi 4G63
  **Balancer Belt:    MT-65RU13
  Make(s):  Lancer Evolution IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX  /  CN9A, CP9A, CT9A
  with Engine(s): 4G63 DOHC TURBO

 13554502 - Honda B16A
  Main Belt:  HN-124RU26
  Make(s):  EM1 Civic Si  /  EF8, EG2, EF9, EG6, EK4, EG9, DA6/8
  with Engine(s): B16A

 13554503  - Honda B16B / B18C
  Main Belt:  HN-126RU26
  Make(s):  DC2 Integra,  /  EK9, DB8, 
  with Engine(s): B16A / B18C

 13554507  - Honda B18B - limited
  Main Belt:  HN-12xRU26
  Make(s):  DC2 Integra LS/RS  - non VTEC
  with Engine(s): B18B

 13554504  - Honda H22A
  Main Belt:  HN-155RU24
  Make(s):  Prelude BB6/BB8 / Accord CF1, CD6
  with Engine(s): H22A

 13554505  - Honda H22A / F22A
  **Balancer Belt:    HN-70RU16
  Make(s):  Prelude BB6/BB8 / Accord CF2, CD8
  with Engine(s): H22A / F22A

  13564500  - Subaru EJ20
  Main Belt:  SB-281YU30
  Make(s):  Imprezza GC8, GDB
  with Engine(s): EJ20