Sirius Vision - Gauge Display

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Sirius Vision is designed around our advanced thin-film electro-luminescent display. The unique clear screen with intense lighting allows the unit to be used as a HUD (heads up display) or to be combined with additional Sirius Meters to add additional information. Upgrade your driving experience with Sirius Vision's advanced thin-film electro-luminescent display. The clear screen and intense lighting provide a HUD (heads up display) for quick and safe monitoring of your vehicle's performance, or combine it with a Sirius Meter to access even more valuable information.(JDM Spec.)  
(Sirius Vision Video Clip)

* [ Requires sirius Control Unit  p/n 16001721 sold separately ]

● Select and display vital engine parameters from the 9 available inputs
● Peak Hold Memory function recalls the maximum value readings recorded 
● Warning function allows the user to select and set warning points for alerts
● Each Sirius Vision set includes a dedicated meter mount and meter harness
● Compatible with 12V vehicles
● Sirius Control Unit (sold separately) is required for the Sirius Vision(s), Meter(s) & Unify set(s)
● Sensors and harnesses (sold separately) are required for each Parameter, you chose to display on the Sirius Vision

   Optional Sensor sets:  [ Boost / Pressure / Temperature  ]

Also see GReddy Sirius (Analog) Meters:
              Turbo Boost / Fuel Press / Oil Press / Oil Temp / Water Temp

  and GReddy Sirius Unify sets:
        1x Sirius Vision + 1x Sirius (Analog) Meter:
              Turbo Boost / Fuel Press / Oil Press / Oil Temp / Water Temp

* GReddy Sirius Control Unit required.