GReddy x TRS Shoulder Harness Pads (75mm)

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Color: Blue Shoulder Pad - GReddy x TRS (75mm)



TRUST Trust GReddy x TRS Shoulder Harness Pads (1set = 2pcs.)

  • GReddy x TRS padded shoulder pads for 75mm wide sport harnesses
  • Padded for additional comfort for driver
  • GReddy x TRS collab blue labeling
  • Velcro closure

  • available in 3 color-ways

Made in England. 75mm shoulder pads provide extra comfort for the user of 4pt or 3pt Harnesses. Easy closing Velcro system. Available in red, blue or black.
TRS Collaboration Shoulder Pad for Racing Harness by TRS Motorsport Equipment of England.  

  Blue   [16601091]
  Red    [16601092]
  Black [16601093]