V2 Rocket Bunny / Pandem DRL Light Kit - In Stock!

TRA Kyoto

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Rocket Bunny / Pandem V2 LED Light Kit
   White LED Daytime running lights with amber turn signals

- Imported from TRA Kyoto, Rocket Bunny

For use with Rocket Bunny Version 2 Front Bumper 
 on FR-S/BRZ, RX-7, 350Z, GT-R, S15 & NSX

10 LED DRL Light Kit with controller

Basic Wiring Diagram Translation:
   Black (-)    Ground
   Red (+)     12V Power
   Yellow       12V ACC
   White       12V Positive Headlight
   Gray         12V to Flash Blinkers
     Brown    12V Blinker Set A LED
     Green    12V Blinker Set B LED

Product description:
With ACC at ON position, the light will light up WHITE
Corresponding LED will flash AMBER with turn signal on
With parking or headlights on, the LED will turn AMBER
It will take roughly 20sec for the LED to turn off after the ACC is turned OFF
* Flash Feature: if you connect the Gray wire to positive terminal, the LED will flash WHITE and AMBER

  Input Voltage: DC 9V-24V
  Current Draw: 0.7A per unit
  Waterproof rating: IP66

 * Make sure to check that all the LEDs light up before installation

Detailed Wiring Instructions:
   1.)  Connect the main unit (control box) to the LED(s)
   2.)  Connect the Yellow wire to the Positive batter terminal and
          the Black wire to the Negative. - LED will light-up WHITE

  3.)  Connect the White wire to Positive battery terminal.
         - LED will light up AMBER

  4.)  Connect the Brown or Green wire to 12V source.
         - Each corresponding LED will light up AMBER
  5.)  If you disconnect the Yellow wire from the 12V source
         - LED will turn off after 20sec.
  6.)  If you connect the Gray wire to the 12V source while
         the LED is on - the LED will Flash. 

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