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GReddy Large capacity differential cover Ver. 2

Product features

■In addition to adding a baffle plate and reviewing the oil capacity, we have renewed it to be compatible with a wide variety of mufflers, including a dual-muffler type on the left and right.

■While adjusting the oil capacity to within 2 liters, a new baffle plate has been added to prevent oil from shifting when accelerating.

■While ensuring the strength of the jack-up point, heat dissipation fins have been placed in the area exposed to the wind while driving to improve cooling performance, and the outer shape has been changed to accommodate a wide variety of mufflers.


・The main body is made of cast aluminum
・Oil capacity approximately 1.9L (genuine 0.8L, old product 2.3L)
・Impregnated treated
・IN/OUT screw holes for differential cooler (3/8NPT)
*Separately required for installation. Genuine oil seal is required.

[Product composition]
・Differential cover body
・Baffle plate
・Plug bolt (3/8NPT 2 pieces) (1/8PT-28 1 piece)

*Compatible with external differential fluid cooler.