Mazda RX-7 - FD3S - Suction Kit - Stock Twin Turbos - (12540604)

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Product features
Set up the new AIRINX exclusively for the FD3S RX7 model 

AIRINX KIT MZ-S003 FD3S - (12540604)

The main body has a steel lamination structure to ensure high rigidity and durability, and a special high-performance fiber filter is used to improve suction efficiency.
Significantly up

Kit settings that can be used without ECU tuning.

● The front intercooler cannot be installed at the same time.

・ AIRINX S with baseplate and 60mm adapter(black)
・ Joint tube 60φ
・ Horse elbow
・ Other small parts 

[Compatible model] Mazda / RX-7
Compatible model: E-FD3S, GF-FD3S
Engine model: 13B-REW
JDM Year: 91.12-02.08