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13525700 – NISSAN RB26 METAL THROTTLE GASKETS (full 6pc set)

Designed as a reliable metal upgrade for the factory Nissan RB26DETT (16175-05U70) composite throttle body gaskets. These metal gaskets are heat resistant and provide improved strength, while the bead around the ports provide a superior seal even under high boost. The six-piece set is a perfect replacement when refurbishing original RB26DETT individual throttle bodies. The RB26 uses two gaskets per dual ITB unit, one before and one after each of the three throttle


GReddy Metal Gasket for RB26

Product features

◆ Metal gasket developed for GReddy surge tank RB26DETT .

◆With a genuine gasket, repeated high turbocharging may cause air to be sucked in or leak from the gasket part, which has poor sealing performance and heat resistance, which may cause engine malfunctions (such as unstable idling). Therefore, in order to improve the sealing performance and durability that are lacking in genuine gaskets, we have thoroughly reviewed the sealing method and materials.

◆By using the beat seal method and using metal as the material, reliable sealing performance is achieved not only in the repeated positive pressure and negative pressure areas, but also during high turbocharging. Furthermore, there is no need to remove the genuine gasket when overhauling the engine, making it easier to maintain.


《Throttle gasket》

・1-layer bead type
・1 set of 6 sheets
・GReddy logo included
・Fluororubber coating (Perflon) 

《Intake manifold gasket》

・Single-layer bead type
・One sheet per unit
・Fluororubber coating (Perflon)

《Exhaust manifold gasket》

・3-layer bead type
・1 set of 2 sheets
・GReddy logo included

[Compatible models] Nissan Skyline / Stagea

Vehicle model: BNR32, BCNR33, BNR34, WGNC34
Engine model: RB26DETT
Year: 1989.8-2002.8 

[Throttle gasket only]
TRUST CODE: 13525700