I/C KIT JW5 SPEC-K - (12050601)

Sale price$800.00

GReddy intercooler kit JW5

Cooling efficiency is increased by increasing the capacity of the intercooler body!

Product features

Adopts an offset inner fin that optimizes pressure loss and cooling performance, optimizes high efficiency cooling performance, and boasts high efficiency cooling performance. Achieves improved engine response and acceleration feeling from the mid-speed range. This is a bolt-on kit that uses the genuine layout and maximizes the core size.


  • Genuine replacement type
  • Core TYPE35F
  • Core size: H158 x L230 x W66 (22.4% increase compared to normal)


  • Genuine intercooler guide can be installed

Reference working time: 1.0H

Compatible model: Honda S660

  • Vehicle model: DBA-JW5
  • E/G model: S07A
  • Year: 15.04~
  • CODE:12050601