OIL CATCH TANK UNIV 1000cc 15mm - (13500602)

Sale price$150.00

GReddy Oil catch tank 1000 general purpose type (capacity 1L baffled)
with 15mm hoses and fittings

If blow-by gas is returned to the engine as it is, it will not only reduce combustion efficiency and deteriorate the engine oil, but also cause moisture and oil contained in blow-by gas to damage airflow sensors, compression sensors, surge tanks, and throttle valves on the intake side. , it may adhere to spark plugs, piston heads, etc. and prevent them from functioning properly.

The oil catch tank is a part that keeps the inside of the engine clean by capturing blow-by gas into the tank before returning it to the intake side, separating oil and water and storing them. It also catches engine oil that is ejected along with blow-by gas during high-speed use such as circuit driving, preventing it from staining the road surface.

You can also check the condition of the engine by regularly checking the amount and condition of the oil accumulated in the tank. The oil catch tank is an essential item not only on the circuit but also on the street.