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13525901 – GReddy Large Capacity Oil Pan SR20DE(T) for FR cars

A GReddy high-capacity Oil Pan, will maintain more constant oil temperatures via increased volume of oil and the improved cooling efficiency of the thick-walled cast aluminum construction. They also include specially designed interiors to keep the oil at the oil pump pick-up for engine reliability. The Japanese precision cast-aluminum SR20DET model for the Nissan S13, S14 and S15 features an iconic wide shape to increase capacity 1000cc (1.0L) while maintaining, like factory, road clearance. “G”-loads on the engine oil are carefully controlled via the special internal swinging baffles. The pan also includes a 1/8 BSP sensor port and plug for add a sensor. The GReddy SR20 pan can also be easily installed without the need to remove the engine.

+1000cc, swing baffles, ports
cast aluminum
high capacity
1/8 BSP (JDM 1/8PT) port