TURBO KIT JZA80 TD06SH 25G 10CM ACT - (11510033)

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[JZA80] GReddy Turbo Kit TD06SH-25G-10㎠ ACT
     with use of factory manifold.

Product features

This is a vehicle inspection compliant product that uses an actuator-controlled turbocharger, so it is designed to be a replacement for the genuine turbocharger.
Layout compatible with genuine intercooler and settings compatible with genuine injector. (Boost0.85k=approx. 370ps)


TD06SH-25G-10㎠ (with GReddy reinforced actuator)
Adapter type
genuine catalyst for genuine EX manifold only

Turbocharger body
Turbine adapter
Outlet pipe
Suction pipe
Oil pressure hose
Other short parts set

Compatible model: JZA80
Engine model: 2JZ-GTE
Year: 93.05-97.08
*VVT-i not available

TRUST CODE: 11510033