WASTEGATE TYPE R08 (0.8-1.2 KG/CM2) - (11501528)

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50mm Wastegate Type R 08 (0.8-1.2 kg/cm2)

GReddy Wastegate Valve

A part that controls boost pressure by bypassing exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold before passing through the turbocharger and suppressing the turbocharger's work. Required when using a turbocharger without an actuator valve.

The lineup includes Type R with a 50φ valve diameter, Type C with a stainless steel housing and heat insulator with a 50φ valve diameter, and Type C High Flow with a 60φ valve diameter. Various types can be selected depending on the primary exhaust pressure and target boost pressure. We also have a reinforced spring that is necessary when changing the boost pressure to a higher direction. We respond to the voices of users who pursue the limit of driving on closed courses.

- When increasing the turbine capacity, the actuator method will not have enough capacity and will not be able to release the increased exhaust gas pressure.
・GReddy wastegate valve has a large capacity and excellent durability, and promises stable boost pressure control.